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“Over the past 3 years Mr. Shaham and his company have shown both vision and leadership among the outdoor fitness sector to improve and enhance outdoor fitness equipment. Mr. Shaham has also been a prominent force in pushing for the safety standard we are about to create. I personally applaud as does many in our sector, the efforts of Mr. Shaham as we engage the industry in the development and support for this Outdoor Fitness Standard”. 

Paul Ronan, Executive Director, Ontario Parks Association
"My name is Peter Kells and I am president of Grace-Kells Consultant Inc. We participate actively with playground safety groups and belong to the Canadian Association of Playground Practitioners. I am a playground practitioner with over 30 years experience in the playground industry. I am an active member of IPA Canada (International Association for the Child's Right to Play), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Canadian Association of Playground Practitioners (CAPP). I am the principal instructor for the Ontario Playground Academy.

In my experience Mr. Shaham has shown leadership among the parks & recreation sector in Canada to improve and enhance outdoor fitness equipment.

His involvement in any organization will contribute to its overall success and will add value to the industry as a whole".

Peter Kells
Grace-Kells Consultant Inc.
Guy Shaham is an expert on outdoor fitness equipment and is an essential resource when planning an exercise space for the public realm.
His expertise will help you design a space that will actually get used, and avoids injuries. Guy is the key to making communities healthier.

Thanks again,
Daniel Turgeon, ASLA
Landscape Architectural Designer
Hi Guy

Just so you know, you were great at answering all our questions and emails. We appreciate communicating with you about the fitness equipment, since you know it so well.

Thank you
Karl Erskine, Owner
Green Roots Play Equipment Inc.
Victoria, British Columbia
"Hi Guy

Thanks for the great presentation today. 
I can see how you would be a lock-in tool for any outdoor fitness equipment project on the fence.  You are excellent. Seriously".

Dena Carter, President NSP3
"I had a great opportunity to present Xccent Fitness to a potential customer in Pennsylvania. When Guy offered to come to assist us with the presentation, I jumped at the chance.

Guy’s expert voice at our meeting was invaluable. He was professional, had an understanding of the target audience, and the outdoor fitness industry as a whole. He knew the answer to every question that was asked, and also an explanation of reasoning behind the answer. The experience made me realize the importance of training. Even attending the presentation was extremely educational.

Outdoor fitness equipment is a very fast growing segment within the recreation market and we can benefit from it greatly. It was with Guy’s presentation that I understood that additional training and supporting marketing materials are what I need.

I also think that for large deals such as the one we pitched, Guy’s presence was critical. Whether we win it or not it made a huge difference.

I cannot thank Guy enough for his support in these presentations".

Kevin Umbreit, Vice President, Recreation Resource USA
"It has been a great pleasure working with Guy on developing outdoor fitness areas, for our customers.  He is very knowledgeable with regards to the benefits each piece of equipment will provide, is a stellar presenter and engages his audience. Guy is a prime example of a person in the business, for the right reasons!"

Laura Porretta
Porretta Associates
Greater New York City Area
“ I write as the director of sales for Superior Recreational products in Carrolton GA. Guy Shaham was invited to speak at our annual company meeting in 2014 in order to train our sales associates about our new outdoor fitness line. We now have more than 200 individual sales representatives across North America. In this business competition for sales often comes down to balancing price and quality in a niche market. Mr. Shaham experience in engineering, product development and marketing is unique and therefore extremely valuable.

Although Mr. Shaham had no formal engineering training he quickly understood that the outdoor fitness equipment he was sourcing in China was poorly-designed for the North American market. As true innovator, he took the radical step of setting up his own manufacturing facility and redesigning his product, resulting in truly superior outdoor fitness equipment, geared for ease of use, durability and safety. This expertise is invaluable in the competitive marketplace. If we are successful, our sales force must understand the product intimately and was no better person than Mr. Shaham himself to present to us. His broad experience as a small-business owner himself, combined with his understanding of the product, was essential to prepare our sales force to introduce the new product line.  Because he first worked with the Chinese-made products, and then designed and manufactured a superior quality product in Canada he could impart his knowledge of the products to better explain the differences in the products.

Mr. Shaham is a truly remarkable individual whose imagination, risk taking and determination have resulted in outstanding outdoor fitness product. We were excited about the opportunity to hear Mr. Shaham share his experience with us”.

Best Regards, Jonathan Hardesty
Director of Sales Superior Recreational products.